The Benefits of Extracting Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth can become a major issue for patients’ oral health. More often than not, dentists will recommend that patients have their wisdom teeth removed. Many people take this information for granted without really understanding what the benefits of having them removed. If you are considering a wisdom tooth extraction but want to know more, then keep reading! We have compiled some of the biggest reasons that you should have your wisdom teeth extracted before they become an issue.

What Are Wisdom Teeth

It is important to understand what wisdom teeth are and why they can become a problem before you can really see the benefits of their removal. Wisdom teeth are the lost of your molars to erupt. They come in at the very back of your mouth near the point where the jaw hinges together. Wisdom teeth will typically erupt (grow out of the gums) when people are around 20 years old.

If wisdom teeth erupt normally and have enough room, then they help you to chew. However, most patients don’t have the room in their jaw to comfortably grow the wisdom teeth. This means that they can cause many different problems as they push for their own space on your jawline.

As patients get toward the age of their wisdom tooth eruption, their dentist will look to see if they should have these teeth removed. However, if your wisdom teeth have erupted and you start to experience pain or discomfort, it is important to schedule an appointment right away. If not, you will likely recognize what the benefits of wisdom teeth extraction would be.

Reduced Headaches

As the wisdom teeth grow in during late adolescence, the other teeth are already mature and in place. When there isn’t enough space on the jaw, the wisdom teeth will try to push other teeth to make room for themselves. This intense pressure on teeth can cause excruciating headaches that can be relieved by removing the wisdom teeth.

Stop Tooth Shifting

As the wisdom teeth push the other teeth, it often creates a jagged bite line or crooked teeth. The wisdom teeth can push other teeth in front of or behind teeth that are invisible places of the mouth. Without early extraction, this shift will only get worse. If tooth movement is allowed to go on for too long, your dentist may recommend that you also get braces or another type of procedure to straighten your teeth.

Decreased Chance of Periodontal Disease

As the teeth shift in your mouth, it can create areas that are hard to reach with brushing or flossing. These irregular gaps or places where there is overlap can help to hide harmful bacteria. If these bacteria aren’t promptly removed it can cause periodontal disease, tooth decay, or even tooth loss. Removing wisdom teeth when your dentist recommends can help to avoid creating this issue and reduce your chances of having periodontal disease at all.

Stop Infection

As your wisdom teeth grow in and push other teeth, your mouth can easily become infected. The forceful pressure can cause the gums or underlying bones and teeth to become irritated, or expose them to bacteria that can cause tooth decay or tooth loss. The pain in your mouth may also be so great from all of the pressure that you don’t notice that you have an infection right away making it more difficult to treat. Promptly removing wisdom teeth can help reduce the chances of oral infections.


If your dentist has recommended wisdom tooth extraction, you should seriously consider the procedure. Avoiding all of these problems ahead of time can save you time, pain and even money. Call our office to schedule an appointment today here at Eagle Gate Dental in Salt Lake City, UT.