Why Are Dental Sealants Beneficial?

Why Are Dental Sealants Beneficial?

Even with regular brushing and the use of fluoride toothpaste, teeth can go on to develop cavities. People develop cavities when the bacteria in the mouth combine with food particles and begin excreting an acid, which eats into the tooth. Regular brushing of teeth helps eliminate food particles in the mouth thus preventing the secretion of the acid. Fluoride, a common ingredient in toothpaste, makes teeth more resistant to the acid attack.

Sometimes, regular brushing does not completely remove all the food particles, especially on the back teeth making them susceptible to cavities. Unlike the incisors, molars have a lot of groves and dents, which make it easier for food particles to hide in them. If the toothbrush is unable to reach these groves, cavities will start to occur.

Brushing teeth is still advisable, but an individual can keep cavities at bay with the additional use of dental sealants, which is a thin plastic coating painted on the surfaces of mostly premolars and molars to protect them from decay.

Other than the fact that they offer another level of protection to teeth, dental sealants are easy to put on. Getting dental sealants is also pain-free and quick. A doctor will first start by cleaning the tooth. Once the tooth is clean, the dentist will dry it and apply a gel-like solution that prepares the tooth for the sealant to stick to it. The doctor will rinse off the gel and dry the tooth. The final step is to apply the sealant, a liquid that dries up within seconds. Once the sealant has dried, it begins to prevent the tooth from cavities. If the tooth has had a small cavity, the sealant will prevent the cavity from enlarging by cutting the food supply of the bacteria.

Dental sealants do not need regular application. A properly placed sealant can last up to 10 years without needing replacement. However, this does not mean that people should stop going for their regular dental checkups.

Although there is an initial cost of putting dental sealants, in the end, the up-front investment saves a person from the agony of dealing with cavities and having to get more dental procedures to fix cavities.

In conclusion, dental sealants add to a person’s health. By preventing dental cavities, this procedure prevents many health issues. Dental sealants also maintain the overall health of teeth and gums.

The earlier a child gets dental sealants, the better. The moment the adult molars develop, a child can get dental sealants. Children are the best candidates because they are more prone to dental cavities. They eat sugary snacks and do not remember to maintain good oral hygiene. Getting sealants this early prevents buildup of food in the crevices. This does not mean that an adult cannot get sealants if they already have cavities. Sealants still protect the tooth from further damage.

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