How to Prepare for Dental Implants

Research shows that tooth loss is a problem that plagues different populations locally and globally. When you have missing teeth, you cannot enjoy even the simplest foods or drinks. If you want to regain your smile without using dentures, get dental implants. This procedure consists of several treatments to prepare your teeth and gums. Here are some of the preparations you should make before you get dental implants.

Engage During the Evaluation

Before you get your implants, you should prepare yourself for an extensive evaluation. Your dentist will subject you to a dental exam, which includes scans and X-rays. This will help detect any bone loss and determine the type of dental implant that suits you most.

Expect to sit down with your dentist to discuss your medical history. During this time, your dentist will need you to give a list of the conditions you may have and the medications you take. If you smoke, your dentist will advise you to quit to prevent complications. You may also need to take antibiotics before the surgery to decrease your risk of getting an infection.

Talk About Your Treatment Plan

After the comprehensive medical exam, your dentist will review your information and then create your treatment plan. This will be the outline of the tooth replacements you will have and the general condition of your underlying bone. If you need a jaw correction or tooth extraction, it will be performed before your dental implant surgery takes place.

Your dentist may also advise you to see a few dental specialists based on your medical exam results. This is the right time to ask any questions you may have, including the payment options for your dental implant surgery.

Arrange for Your Return

It is best to ask someone to drive you home after each treatment and after the implant surgery. You should also hire someone to assist you with childcare, housekeeping, and errands for a few days.

See to it that you prepare some soft foods and beverages. Smoothies, pasta, porridge, and soups are excellent choices. These will sustain you when you come back from each treatment and from your dental implant surgery.

Ready Your Body and Mind

Take the antibiotics that your dentist prescribed. This will lower your risk of acquiring an infection. At the same time, you should stop smoking weeks before and after the surgery. Doing so will prevent any complications.

Get enough restful sleep before your dental implant surgery. This way, your body will be able to take the stress of the procedure. Proper rest will also aid in your quick recovery. On the day of your surgery, change into loose, comfortable clothes, and relax.

Dental implant surgery may take time to complete but the results will change your life for the better. At Eagle Gate Dental, we will assist you through every stage of the procedure. If you have any concerns about getting dental implants, or if you want to set an appointment, you can call us at 801-781-5300. You can also visit our clinic in Salt Lake City, Utah, for a one-on-one consultation.