Composite Tooth-Colored Fillings

Many of our patients who have a cavity are immediately worried that everybody is going to be able to tell that they had cavities. This can be of a bigger concern for patients who have had several cavities, cavities on their front teeth, or work in positions where they are frequently interacting with clients. Fortunately, you no longer have to worry about the gold or silver fillings being readily visible every time you open your mouth. Dental technologies have significantly advanced, and that is why Eagle Gate Dental is pleased to offer composite tooth-colored fillings for our patients.

Understanding Fillings

First, dental fillings are not the same thing as a root canal. Fillings are used to seal the tooth off after you have had a cavity that has been properly prepared. Cavities are small holes that are worn into the surface of the tooth by bacteria in your mouth. Even though you may have a great dental hygiene routine, you can still get cavities. As the bacteria build up on your teeth, they can bore through the outer layer of the tooth (the enamel) and get into the underlying bone. When we catch cavities before they have had a chance to introduce the infection to the central portion of the tooth, a filling is all that you need.

In order to place a filling, our talented staff will clean out any bacteria and damaged portions of the tooth. We ensure that the entire cavity is clean and then seal the area off. In order to complete this process, dentists used to use silver amalgam or gold. While these have been great tools for dentists to use because of their ability to seal properly to the tooth and for their durability, composite resins have made a huge change in the dental market. These resins are made of a special blend of materials that is placed onto the prepared tooth and then cured so that it adheres to the tooth’s surface. Additionally, the resin is given a tint so that it closely matches the existing surface of your teeth.

Many of our patients find that even when they know where the filling is located that they have a tough time seeing it. This means that it is highly unlikely that anybody else will know that you have had a filling.

composite filling

Composite Considerations

While composite dental fillings are highly durable and have made huge advances in recent years, they tend to need repair or replacement more often than traditional fillings. However, this can also depend largely on the care that you provide for your fillings and your teeth. Avoiding chewing on non-food items like ice, pen lids, and fingernails can help to prolong the life of your dental fillings. Additionally, ensuring that you brush and floss your teeth regularly and see the dentist at your regularly scheduled appointments can also help to keep your fillings in good shape, or can catch issues when they are small.

Composite fillings also take slightly longer to place than traditional fillings. This is because the surface of the tooth must stay dry during the process, or else the filling may not attach properly.

Of course, it is easier to avoid fillings by never having a cavity. At Eagle Gate Dental, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you with all of your dental needs. If you have questions about your current dental routine and would like some pointers for improvement, do not hesitate to ask.


Composite fillings offer a long-lasting and durable filling that can help protect your teeth from further damage. In addition, the ability to make the filling match your natural tooth color can help you maintain your confidence and flash your smile without a second thought anywhere you go.