Rejuvenating the Appearance of Your Smile with a Complete Smile Makeover

Do you find several aspects of your smile to be problematic, but don’t know how to begin achieving the cosmetically pleasing results you want? If so, Dr. James Wright and the dental professionals at Eagle Gate Dental can help. Their goal is to assess the flaws that exist in your smile and configure a customized plan that addressed each one. A smile makeover is one of the many ways our Downtown Salt Lake City team can assist you in achieving a spectacular smile that radiates health, exudes confidence, and boasts beauty.

About Smlie Makeover

If you are unhappy with your smile and are searching for a way to transform its appearance, a smile makeover may be right for you. A smile makeover, at our downtown dental practice, is the combination of one or more cosmetic dentistry procedures into a customized plan designed to enhance the aesthetics of your smile. A smile makeover can help to correct or mask minor to severe cosmetic flaws, including:

  • Cracked, chipped, or otherwise damaged teeth

  • A gummy smile

  • Misalignment and overcrowding

  • Stained or otherwise discolored teeth

  • Teeth which are disproportional with your smile and mouth

A smile makeover addresses the length, color, positioning, formation, and general appearance of each tooth so that the overall result looks seamless and natural.

Your Smile Makeover Consultation

During your consultation, we can determine what it is about your teeth, gums, and bite you wish to change. Dr. Wright will take the time to explain the options available to you so that you can make an informed decision regarding which path you wish to take during your cosmetic journey. We have found that many patients come into our office with an idea of which procedures they want to undergo, but only through evaluating their aesthetic objectives and identifying their unique needs can we determine which procedures are ideal for their smile makeover at our Salt Lake City dental office.

A smile makeover is one of the many ways our Downtown Salt Lake City team can assist you in achieving a spectacular smile that radiates health, exudes confidence, and boasts beauty

Customizing Your Smile Makeover

Once you determine which course of treatment is right for you, Dr. Wright will make an impression of your mouth and send it to an outside laboratory. Along with the impression, he will send the details of your treatment plan. The laboratory technicians will create a “wax-up” of what your smile should look like following your smile makeover. The lab will then send the wax-up to our dental office, and you will come in for a fitting. During your second appointment, we will have you try on the fabricated copy of your smile and make alterations to the enhancement, if necessary. If you are satisfied with the initial mock-up, then you can leave Eagle Gate Dental wearing the design, giving it an initial “test-drive” prior to having the finished product installed within your smile.

The lab will then create your permanent enhancement, and send it back to our office immediately. During your third appointment, we will discuss what it was about your mock-up that you did or didn’t like and determine if all issues were addressed with your newly milled design. Once you are extremely confident in the final product and Dr. Wright’s overall plan, we will begin performing your smile makeover.

Contact Our Salt Lake City Practice About a Smile Makeover

Contact our Salt Lake City dentistry practice today to learn more about a smile makeover or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Wright. Our team is dedicated to turning the dreams you have for your smile into a reality.